Role, purpose

The electrical disk shaped heaters are destined for diesel filter heating during pre-starting and cruise operating regime.

The heaters are destined for heating metal fuel filters of vehicles running on standard European diesel fuel types (DIN-EN 590 and DIN 51606 ), as well as other types of diesel fuel. The role of the PD-200 serie heaters is to assure the filter's fuel flow at the optimal level by reducing diesel fuel viscosity and dissolution the paraffin plugs formed inside of the fuel at the low temperatures.

The heater is mounted between the original cover of the filter and its body and connected to the electrical circuit of the vehicle. The switch is placed in the driver's cabin. There are manual and the timer-control versions available.

The heaters have a standard threading to fit the opening of the engine on one side and the threading M16x1,5 mm to fit the metal body of the filter of 70mm (filter diameter 78 - 85mm) on the other side. Thus, these heaters can be used with any diesel engines having the mentioned threading sizes and the electrical circuits of 12V for PD-201 and 24V for PD-202.

Diesel fuel heaters

Technical parameters

Index name PD-201 PD-202
Required size of a filter’s threading in order to fit this heater, mm 70
Diameter of the filler (external x internal), mm 72 x 6,2
Diameter of the central threaded opening of the heater, mm 16 x 1,5
Power voltage of the direct current, V 12 24
Nominal power rating, W, (average)
- pre-starting regime
- cruise regime


Maximal temperature of the heating surface, °C) 130
Ambient operating temperature from - 40 (-40) till +45 (113)
Working regimes pre-starting regime of 3-10 min from the batery and cruise regime from vehicle's alternator)


Function guideline

In case of manual control version the device is activated by pushing the switch 1 while the ignition lock is on. The heater activation is shown by continues light of the LED indicator in the driver's cabin.

In case of timer-control version the device is activated by pushing the switch while the ignition key is on. Then the heater activation is shown by blinking light of the LED indicator incorporated into the switch in the driver's cabin. The manual desactivation is also possible by pushing once the switch while it is blinking or by switching off the ignition key.

Depending on the operating temperature from +5°C to -40°C the heating time might last be between 3 and 10 minutes.

It is forbidden to switch on the heater for more than 10 minutes if the engine is not yet started in order to avoid premature overdischarge of the battery and the local overheating of the body of the filter.

If needed the heater can be left in the switched-on position permanently while the engine is running and fuel flow in the filter is present. In case of using the timer control unit the permanent switched-on position is achieved by pressing the Switcher for minimum 3 seconds until the LED indicator is permanently on. Leaving the permanent switched-on mode is done by pressing the Switcher button again or by switching off the ignition key.

After 5 to 10 cycles of heating it is recommended to tighten up the heater and the filter.

During the use of the heater it is recommended to inspect the tightening regularly. The efficiency and long lasting life of the heater depends directly of the fact that all elements are properly are tightened. It is recommended as well to check the electrical connections.

The body of the heater is sealed and is not designed to be opened and repaired if malfunctioned.

If malfunction occurs during the warranty time the device can be replaced through the local dealer, on the condition of complying with warranty terms.

Models & prices

PD-201 12 V 66-86 € Buy
PD-202 24 V 66-86 € Buy
* - The price depends on the quantity.

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