Role, purpose

The heating nozzle of NTP-100 series is designed to be installed on regular standpipe with a purpose of fuel intake from inside of the fuel tank at low temperatures when frozen and thickened fuel cannot be easily taken by a non heated regular standpipe. Pre-heating prior to engine start contributes to dewaxing and fuel viscosity improvement. At very low temperatures the continuous in-tank fuel heating while engine running is also possible.

The heaters are destined for heating standard diesel fuel types (DIN-EN 590 and DIN 51606 ), as well as other types of diesel fuel including the Bio-diesel.

The nozzle is connected directly to the electrical grid of the vehicle. The device is activated by pushing the switch while the ignition lock is on. The heater activation is shown by the LED indicator in the driver's cabin.

Diesel fuel heaters

Technical parameters

Index name NTP-101 NTP-102 NTP-301 NTP-302
Required size of a filter’s threading in order to fit this heater, mm 70
Diameter of the filler (external x internal), mm 72 x 6,2
Diameter of the central threaded opening of the heater, mm 16 x 1,5
Power voltage of the direct current, V 12 24
Nominal power rating, W, (average)
- pre-starting regime
- cruise regime


Maximal temperature of the heating surface, °C) 130
Ambient operating temperature from - 40 (-40) till +45 (113)
Working regimes pre-starting regime of 3-10 min from the batery and cruise regime from vehicle's alternator)


Function guideline

To enter the pre-start heating mode turn on the ignition and push the heater switch mounted on your driver’s panel. The led indicator will switch on. The heater should only be activated during winter season.

While its usage the nozzle should be inspected regularly. The reliability of the fixation of the nozzle to the standpipe, the leakage and the electrical contacts must be regularly inspected.

The cleaning of the nozzle should be done by reversed fuel flow. When the slot filter is clogged, it should be cleaned with a small wooden or plastic rod.

ATTENTION ! It is CATEGORICALLY PROHIBITED to use metal sharp objects for cleaning the slot filter. It is important to ensure that all wires of this device are not damaged.

The body of this device is sealed and is not designed to be opened and repaired if malfunctioned. If malfunction occurs during the warranty period the device can be replaced through the local dealer, on the condition of complying with warranty terms.

Models & prices

NTP-101 12 V 67-86 €* Buy
NTP-102 24 V 67-86 €* Buy
NTP-301 12 V 127-147 €* Buy
NTP-302 24 V 127-147 €* Buy
* - The price depends on the quantity.

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