Role, purpose

The electrical rode-shaped heaters with posistor heating elements are destined for diesel fuel heating during pre-starting and cruse operating regime in filters-separators of of Mann-Hummel PreLine® PL 270 and PL 420 models, Fleetguard FuelPro and Fleetguard DieselPro systems and other analogues used in various medium and heavy duty cargo trucks and other motor vehicles with diesel engines.

The heaters are destined for heating standard diesel fuel types (DIN-EN 590 and DIN 51606 ), as well as other types of diesel fuel including the Bio-diesel.

The PS-202 heater, equipped with external and internal electronic temperature sensors is a stand-alone device with its own electronic temperature control unit. It switches on at the temperature of below + 5°C and switches off at the temperature of over +5°C.

The PS-202 heater is universal. It can be used on any diesel fuel engine with 24V power circuit and the fuel consumption rate of up to 420L/hour.

Diesel fuel heaters

Technical parameters

Nom d'Index PS-201 PS-202
Power voltage of the direct current, V 24±3 24±3
Nominal power rating, W,
- pre-starting regime
- cruise regime


Maximal electric current, Аmp, not more then 20 20
Threshold fuel temperature for trigger,°C + 5 ± 2 + 5 ± 2
Encapsulation level dustproof, dirtproof, waterproof Ip55
Ambient operating temperature, °C de -40 à +80
Heating control Controlled manually contrôle automatique
Régime de travail pre-starting regime of 1-10 min from the battery and cruise regime from vehicle alternator


Diesel fuel heaters

Function guideline

The PS-202 heater is a stand-alone device and functions in free-running, self-controlling mode with a MOSFET control unit built-in. Once the ignition contact is on, even before the engine is started, the control unit of PS-202 is powered up and starts measuring the temperature of the fuel using its external and internal sensors. If the temperature is lower than +5°C the pre-starting regime is launched to last from 1 to 10 minutes depending to the initial fuel temperature in the filter. The heater's activation is confirmed by the LED indicator in the driver's cabin. The fuel and the filter-separator's body is heated up by the special timing algorithm calculated by the control unit to guarantee the diesel fuel warm-up to the given temperature until its fluid - viscosity and the filter's filtering ability is restored. When the LED indicator is off, the warm-up procedure is finished and it is now possible to start the engine.

Starting the engine is also possible before the warm-up procedure is finished and does not derange or harm the usage and functionality of the PS-202 heater. This, although, might not guarantee the smooth engine start, especially if the ambient temperature was lower than +5°C.

While the engine is running the heater enters the cruise operating regime. The control unit is constantly monitoring the temperature of the fuel at the input nozzle and inside of the filter-separator and activates the heater once the temperature falls below +5°C and cuts it off once it goes above +5°C. The heater's activation is confirmed each time by the LED indicator in the driver's cab.

If the ignition key is on but the engine is not started, the pre-starting regime will stay activated, as long as the ignition key is on and the control of the temperature will continue to function, with periodic activation and desactivation of the device to keep the fuel's viscosity at the constant and appropriate for the engine level.

ATTENTION ! Long lasting pre-starting regime without working engine may lead to the premature battery discharge.

The PS-202 never functions if the ignition contact is off.

The PS-202 is equipped with its own emergency system to prevent overheating. The overheating may occur if the normal heating environment is infringed. For example air bubbles inside of the fuel line during the pre-starting or cruise regime, unauthorized activation of the device on open air and so on. In this case, if the temperature of the heating element reaches 130 °C, the control unit turns the heater off and blocks itself. Normally the heater will un-block automatically after 10 seconds, but if the heating environment is still infringed, it will block again immediately.

ATTENTION! The emergency blocking is represented by the LED indicator blinking in the driver's cab.

To unblock the heater manually it is necessary to turn the ignition key off for 10 - 15 seconds and on again. If it doesn't unblock itself, turn the ignition off for 60 sec.

The blocked heater as such does not represent any danger to the fuel line or to the fuel supply of the engine, but it does serve as an indicator that something went wrong inside of the fuel line and if blocking occurs even once, it is required to stop the engine and eliminate the root of the problem.

The fact of blocking does not signify the malfunction of the PS-202. It does not reduce its life-time, does not affect its functional capabilities and does not require replacement of the PS-202.

During every maintenance of the vehicle equipped with the PS-202, it is necessary to inspect the correct installation of all the device's parts for fuel spills or leaks as well as all the electric connections of the PS-202.

The body of PS-202 is sealed and is not designed to be opened and repaired if malfunctioned.

If malfunction occurs during the warranty time the device can be replaced through the local dealer, on the condition of complying with warranty terms.

Models & prices

PS-202 24 V 106-129 € Buy
* - Price depending on quantity.

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